Tips & Tricks for Virtual Semesters

Tips and Tricks for staying afloat during virtual semesters

Life as a college student can be stressful enough, never mind throwing a global pandemic in the mix. But The Office of Summer and Winter Programs is here to remind you that there are ways to manage and navigate these uncertain times to ensure that you are still staying on track during the semester!

Like most of the other college students I know, it sometimes feels like our brains are going a thousand miles a minute with no way to stop. So how do we learn to slow them down and take the time for ourselves (while maintaining our course work)? Here’s a few tips for keeping yourself organized during this Winter Session and future virtual semesters, while allowing some time to practice self-care.

  • Develop a routine

Schedule consistent coursework time! Writing down all the deadlines on the first day of class can help you stay on track, manage your time and get the most out of your virtual experience. Consider establishing a set amount of time to work on assignments for each class to help ensure you maintain a routine and excel like we know you can! See the chart below for the number of hours, per week, a student can expect to spend on their online coursework.

  • Create a study space to complete classwork

Dedicate a space for your studies! Finding a location with limited distractions and then turning it into a place for you to study can help turn your focus towards your coursework and assignments.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Ask your peers and instructors questions! Your professors are there to help so don’t shy away from asking questions in class or out. The University of Connecticut also has TONS of different departments that offer support to students with tricky questions and topics. 

Academic Support

UCONN Writing Center Online Tutoring

UCONN Quantitative Learning Center

  • Practice self-care

Checking in with yourself and including breaks throughout your week is also an important part of maintaining your courses. Take a five-minute break, make a UConn Health suggested healthy snack or even taking a walk can help you return to your work refreshed and ready to conquer your assignments. 

Remember that practicing self-care is about finding things that work for you! Whether it’s journaling, streaming one of UConn Recreations live virtual classes, or taking a walk, simple practices can help you recenter and take it one day at a time.