Winter Session Enrollment Deadline and Questions

Hard to believe it’s December, right? As we approach the beginning of the Winter Session, the Office of Summer and Winter Programs is here to remind you about some important information to keep in mind! The payment deadline of December 14 has passed, but there is still time to enroll!  Here is some important information to ensure you have your course paid for by the time it is due.


  • Determining the cost of a Winter Session Course:

Curious about a course cost? Instead of enrolling in a course to determine your balance, students should review our Dates & Fees page to determine the cost of their Winter course. Students can also contact the Office of Summer and Winter Programs if they have a question about the cost of a specific course. Whether it’s through our live chat provided on our website or through email, we encourage you to reach out with any questions you may have.


  • Late Fees:

If students do not pay their fee bill by the due date of December 14th, 2020 a late fee will be charged to their accounts. Individuals who enroll after this date will have 10 days from the date they do enroll to submit their payment and avoid the $150 late fee.

For example:

If I were to enroll in a Winter course on 12/22, then my new payment deadline will be 1/1/2021. 


  • Online and DL course fees:

Only the courses with the “Instruction Mode” listed as Online will incur the additional $20 per credit Online Course Fee. 


  • 2021 Winter Session Payment Methods:

Curious about how to pay your fee bill and what payment methods are accepted? Check out the complete list of payment options provided on the Office of the Bursar’s website

Important to note:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, payments sent via mail will be delayed. We highly encourage electronic options to be used instead during this time.


  • Financial Aid:

Unfortunately, there is no financial aid available for the 2021 Winter Session. If there is a student struggling with their fee bill and paying it on time, we encourage them to contact the Office of the Bursar ( or the Office of Financial Aid ( as soon as possible to see if either Office can assist.


We know that getting a bill can be stressful. With these important deadlines approaching, the Office of Summer and Winter Programs wants you to know that we are here to make this process as easy as possible!