Winter Course Experience – A Q&A With Jesse Lau

With UConn’s 2022-23 Winter Session  registration now open, many students wonder what courses are like, how to manage the workload, as well as what’s in store throughout a 3-week session.

Jesse Lau, Senior Class of ‘23, tells us about his experience taking a winter course.


Jesse enrolled in ACCT 2001: Principles of Financial Accounting last winter.:


Q: “Jesse, why did you decide to take a winter course last year?”


A: “I took it because I wanted to get ahead and knew that it would be a great opportunity to advance my education in the long run. I was nervous about the workload condensed into a 3-week course. It seemed intimidating! However, from  the first day to the last, I found the course worth it.”


UConn offers winter courses via three formats, online (WW), distance learning (DL), and in-person (P). Jesse chose a distance learning course, meaning that the class met virtually at a designated time.


Q: “Jesse, what was the distance learning format like?”


A:“Any quizzes, homework, and lectures were online. My professor would even record and post lectures after class, on Blackboard, so students could rewatch the lesson. This made me feel like the professor cared about students learning in the course. I felt like my education was equally as important to them as it is to me.”


With the course being condensed, Jesse knew he needed a system to ensure he would be organized and ready to tackle the intensive winter course schedule.


Q: “Jesse, how did you handle the 3-week winter session’s workload?”


A: “At the start of the course I wrote down all my assignments that would be due to ensure I wouldn’t miss any. I would cross off the assignments as I did them and that helped me stay organized throughout the session.”


Q: “Jesse, would you recommend taking a winter session course at UConn?”


A: “Ultimately,I recommend taking winter session classes. I am now able to be more flexible when creating my schedule and felt like it kept me on track to graduate on time.”


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